Episode 466 – Crazy over Crypto with Coach Bobby Christy

Episode 466 - Crazy over Crypto with Coach Bobby Christy

This is episode 466 of the terrywilson3.com podcast and tonight we are talking with coach Bobby Christy of tw3radio.com about Crypto Currency. What is it? How do you use it? Should you use it? Can you make money from it? All of that information and more will be coming to you via Coach C of the radio show, “Inside Pitch” in just moments.

Tonight is the last podcast for April 2021 and we will be taking the month of May off. As many of you know that have been following our show and been a part of TW3 know we try to take 2-3 month off a year just to enjoy some time traveling and relaxing. This May Jeanna and I celebrate 25 years of being married and plan on taking some time to just enjoy traveling, being with family, and relaxing. BUT DO NOT WORRY!! TW3 will be back live starting in June and we have 2 new radio personalities that will be joining us on the show that is going to be REALLY EXCITING!!

We have Greenbacks himself that will be joining us live and has agreed to sit in with us from time to time to offer some training. We’ve got him off the phone closing deals just enough to offer us some of his secret sauce to success and can’t wait for that!

We also have coming a newer Elite Member and Trainer who has years of experience in entrepreneurialism and mindset matters. I was just honored to be interviewed by her on her new show and can’t wait for the TW3 audience to be able to hear from her and that is Ms Valerie Willams.

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