What are your plans? How Someday Happens.

Someday Happened

You will always know what my dreams are by what I say, but you’ll know what my plans are by what I do. What are your plans?

While visiting ME this past week my wife and I stopped by this beautiful beach along the coastline to look at lighthouses, take in the scenery, and relax. While there we noticed this beautiful home along the coastline and in the front of it was an ornate sign that said, “Someday Happened.” We both just looked at it and said to each other, that is a message.

I can imagine the occupants had a dream of someday having a beach house. I can imagine the dream became too big to simply ignore, so a plan of action to pursue this dream was devised and deployed. I’m sure the plan and activity had to be changed, modified, and scrapped many times through all kinds of ups and downs, disappointments, and set backs they endured while chasing their dream. However, through being faithful to work a plan, the proper steps became clearer and clearer on what to do until one day, Someday Happened.

The good book say’s that man makes plans but God orders steps. Many times we wait on understanding how to do something before we commit to a plan on what to do. It’s been my personal experience that I’ve never fully received insight on how to do something until my why I’m going to do became so big that a commitment on what I was going to do could no longer wait on the how to do it. Your someday is waiting on what you are committed to doing today.

So what are your plans?

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