Episode 487 – Proven Plans that Earn Money

Episode 487 - Proven Plans that Earn Money

How one elite member at TW3 consistently earns $5k+ per week.

Tonight we are back after being off since September 6 when we had a special live in person podcast with Coach Bobby, Chris Miller, Laurie Brown, and tonight’s guest Gary Greene here at TW3 headquarters! That was an incredible time! This was our kick off show to the conference which by all meaningful metrics I can discern thus far, was a huge success!!

So 2 months and 2 days from the last time we were live here creating a podcast which is an all time record in itself. But beyond vacationing in the Keys and then New England for most of the past 2 months we got a lot done in the business too!

  1. Enterprise products launched
  2. New Training Modules being developed
  3. App Webinars with members and prospective clients 
  4. New business written have broken all new records

Gary has been a long time Elite Trainer here at TW3 that continues to crush it in his business. His business development and production is legendary here at TW3 and we are thrilled to have him on.

We will be interviewing him in just a few minutes to share his $1000 a day business strategy that has helped him and tons of other people. 

Tonight’s podcast is sponsored by Audibles. You’ve heard us say it just about on every podcast created since 2009, “Earners are learners and leaders are readers, so if you want to go to the next level you do have to grow to the next level.” That’s why we offer a 1 month free trial and 2 free audiobooks of your choice at terrywilson3.com/freebook There you can test their service out with no obligation and get 2 free audiobooks just for trying them out. Over 70 thousands offers from every type of genre you can think of. Go to terrywilson3.com/freebook and get your 30 day free trial and 2 free audio books today. 

We will be taking questions in segment 3 tonight. If you have questions you would like to ask then you can always text them to 864-507-9696, that’s 864-507-9696. If we pick your question we will send you a free audio sample of the book, You Are Worth More. 

So when we get back I’ll be talking to Greenbacks about his $1000 per day business strategy that is helping him and tons of his clients as well. 

Questions for Gary

  1. What is your $1000 per day formula?
  2. What do you think of the new Elite residual income plans?
  3. Out of all the new solutions from the app, which one do you like the most and why?
  4. What can you say to help new clients write quality business?
  5. How can a startup find success the quickest?

Questions from Email

  1. Can you explain the 90 day money guarantee and to be honest, what’s the catch?
  2. I’m an insurance agent and I’m looking to either buy the Elite Membership Package, or buy the ALT System? Which one would you recommend and why? 
  3. Your emails are always bragging about how well the sales at TW3 are but how is that even possible with so many business suffering? I’m not trying to make an accusation but it just doesn’t seem to be in line with everything I hear from other small business owners and in the news. (Not that I’m saying everything in the news can be trusted)

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