Live Q&A Marketing Session for November 11, 2021 at

How to earn on your terms at TW3

In this live zoom Q&A session I cover for those in attendance:

1.  How to link image to application page in CL

2.  how to make field required on opt in form

3. are the leads we get from the leads system USA based or world wide

       – leads from USA data are US only

       – other marketing methods can be used to gets leads world wide

4.  question about background/header image on site (global issue/waiting for update)

5.  editing workflows (some included in tech bundle for PLUS/ELT)

6.  How to move contacts from old system to new system–download .CSV and submit to ticket support

7.  3 links



           Member training

                   APP and member training use same USER/PW

           Double Opt in requires cell # on record or you get blocked

8.  When will PLUS members get the APP?  open ticket if you don’t have it

9.  RE and insurance are both in Agency Lead Tool

10. how to change background image (issue with Victoria)

11.  how to set up independent site

            once purchased, you receive log in to manage

            same process for APP clients using WebBuilder

12.  Is there a discount for JMailer

            cold v warm marketing

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