Episode 491 – 16 Ways to make your product stand out

Episode 491 - 16 Ways to make your product stand out

How do you stand out in a noisy world?

With all of the technology at our customers disposal, getting their attention is the number one task of any small business owner and sales professional. 

In this podcast I cover 16 ways I believe can help in getting your product, goods, and services noticed when competing in a noisy room. 

  1. Keep Design Simple
  2. Use Pro’s to design
  3. Make Message Relevant 
  4. Target through messaging 
  5. Understand Psychology of Colors
  6. Re-Examine Size of Packaging 
  7. Message and Image Congruency 
  8. Create Impact with Graphics & Messaging 
  9. Explain what’s included
  10. Explain use to customer 
  11. Know the platform
  12. Make your value clear
  13. Give Re-Sellers Options
  14. Know the existing conversation of market
  15. Tell and infuse your story
  16. Dare to be different


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