Episode 493 – The $500 per year business strategy

Episode 493 - The $500 per year business strategy

493 – $500k Business Strategy

News flash the market and economy has changed but here’s some very encouraging news. The tried and true strategies to earn more have not changed much at all. As a matter of fact they have become even easier and more accessible than ever before. 

The famous shark from the ABC TV show Shark Tank Laurie Ranier said, “The one thing that has come out of Covid is a surge of people either starting their own business, or people figuring out a way to work and stay home!” So what does this mean to you! If you are looking for an opportunity to work from home now there’s more viable options than ever before, and if you are looking for people to offer opportunity to there’s more looking now then ever before too. So yes no matter where you are, this is a great time to consider improving or starting your own business.

So tonight we’re talking about the $500K Business Strategy. This is a business strategy and model that we’ve been able to help new and existing business owners with for over 13+ years grow their revenue stream in record time. So stay tuned for that in segment 2 coming up in just a few moments.


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  1. Terry I’ve been listening for awhile and really like the idea of starting my own podcast to promote my business. I know how you make money with your podcast but I’m not clear on how I would generate income from one I would start. I have a used car lot of about 25-30 cars and I don’t know how a podcast would reach used car buyers. I just always liked the idea of doing a podcast and I love cars and the car business, but again I really just don’t understand how that would turn into a car sell. Does your membership help with this?
  2. Why would I have to spend money to get a website from you when I can get a website for free with so many other web companies?
  3. Can your system generate leads for my piano studio? I teach students piano and I’m trying to get more students to grow it. I’m trying to go full time with my teaching rather than going back to my former job.

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