Episode 498 – The 30 Day Challenge at terrywilson3.com

Episode 498 - The 30 Day Challenge at terrywilson3.com

Welcome to episode 498, the 30 day challenge. Statistically speaking resolutions don’t work. That might sound discouraging to say, especially on a business podcast that promotes entrepreneurship, but the facts are the facts. Study after study, year after year all say the same things. Resolutions simply do not work for most people. There’s a reason for that and that is what we are talking about tonight coming up in segment 2 of episode 498 of our podcast, The 30 Day Challenge.

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Questions from show:

  1. Why can’t I as an SRT use the marketing software in the app?
  2. Can I upgrade to an Elite later on if I want to join as a Plus Member?
  3. I applied as an Elite but was offered the SRT. I thought the financing approval was guaranteed?
  4. Will your system work with my existing website if I don’t want to move my site?
  5. I have a sales organization of my own already established. How could I use your system to help my team?

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