Episode 502 – Nurturing Client Relationships

Episode 502 - Nurturing Client Relationships

With all that has transpired over the past few years in our society and culture, good relationships with your team, your clients, your community, and your family has to be a priority. Relationship building is not just a personal goal but a professional mandate. After all good business is nothing more than good relationships. Tonight we are talking about how to better nurture your client relationships. We believe the best way to grow a business is to deepen the relationships in it.

Tonight we have the  privilege of having a TW3 Elite Trainer with us, Bobby Christy. Bobby is a TW3 Radio personality, Elite Trainer here at TW3, and more importantly…. A Braves fan! 🙂 We will be speaking with him in just 10 minutes in segment 2.

Then in segment 3 we will be discussing the 8 simple ways you can nurture better client relationships. This will be a great discussion that will lay out both the mindset and tools you can use to scale this process. So stay tuned for that conversation. 

We will be taking your questions in segment 4. These are questions we have received in our chatbot at terrywilson3.com. If you have a question you’d like us to answer then you can text it to 864-507-9696 or by going to terrywilson3.com and entering it into the chatbot. 

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8 simple ways you can nurture client relationships. 

  1. Make a dedicated time for those who matter
  2. Attack problems and not people
  3. Be the most positive person in the room
  4. Never jump to conclusions 
  5. Underpromise and Over Deliver 
  6. Communicate candidly and honestly 
  7. Be passionately appreciative 
  8. Connect through service 


  1. Do I have to by a member to buy lead data from you?
  2. Can I use your system to generate leads for other people if I want? I might not want to just generate leads for selling the TW3 software or business?
  3. How long does it take to start making money with your program? 
  4. I want to start this and I’ve been following you guys for over 5 years. My credit sucks! Can I still get financed? 

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