Episode 517 – 16 Ways to create better content

Episode 517 - 16 Ways to create better content

When it comes to affordable, affective, sustainable ways to market your business, content is king! My email, text, voice, and other marketing assets are very crucial, but the content we create at TW3 is an essential cornerstone to all of it.

In this episode me and Reagan talk about the 16 to ways you can create highly effective content to strengthen your brand, promote your products, and develop higher conversions when closing. I think you will really find these 16 tips very valuable.


  1. How to leverage Reddit
  2. Easy SEO rich topics
  3. Use a contrarian view
  4. Host virtual lunches
  5. Use popular headline framework
  6. Customer success stories
  7. Check “people also asked” results
  8. Look for pain points in case studies
  9. Check competitors paid keywords
  10. Who your customers compare you to
  11. Recall experiences
  12. Find highly shared content in your industry
  13. Competitors top ranking content
  14. Use a content creator system
  15. List pain points your business solves
  16. Repurpose existing content


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