Episode 527 – Practical reasons for a positive mindset

Episode 527 - Practical reasons for a positive mindset

No matter where you work, who you work with, or what projects you manage, the simple fact is this: if people like you, they’ll trust you. And if they trust you, they’ll listen to what you have to say. Pretty straightforward stuff, right? So it’s worth thinking about how we can create a positive vibe that makes us attractive to others.

When you are positive, people listen to you.

When you are positive, people listen to you and they want to do business with you.

You become more attractive, more likely to be listened to and followed, more likely to be respected and trusted, and ultimately more successful.

When you are positive, you motivate others to follow your vision.

You are more likely to be a positive, upbeat person when you are happy and optimistic. But how does this translate into practical terms?

When you are positive, you motivate others to follow your vision. People who want to be around someone who is always negative and pessimistic will not want to follow them. Instead, they will gravitate towards those who are more upbeat and positive.

The reason for this is because when people around us see us as being happy or having a good attitude it draws their attention in a way that nothing else can. You become the leader of your own life as well as others if this is how they see you acting all the time. This means that if they see an opportunity in front of them then they will most likely grab it without hesitation because of how much trust has been built between friends before hand!

When you are positive, you create a better work environment.

You are more likely to be promoted, trusted and listened to if you project a positive attitude.

People want to work with people who can make them feel good. Positive people create an atmosphere where the team wants to do better, because they don’t want their co-worker down in the dumps if they fail. This also applies when working with clients or customers. When you are presenting something new or explaining a process, it is much easier for someone to understand if you have an upbeat attitude about it. If you are visibly happy about what you do at work, that feeling will translate over into whatever it is that needs explaining and make it easier for others around you understand what needs doing as well!

When you are positive, you stand out from the crowd.

When you are positive, people are more likely to notice you. When people notice you and remember what they see, it’s a sign of respect and admiration. And when people respect and admire you, they want to be around you more.

This can lead to opportunities that might not exist otherwise — like being promoted or getting a raise at work because your boss noticed how much hard work you put in on a project. Or maybe someone will ask for your advice or help with something because they know how much knowledge of the subject matter that only comes from being positive in every situation.

And then there’s the fact that when someone likes and respects us, we tend also become more successful!

Being positive and upbeat makes you more attractive to others

Being positive and upbeat makes you more attractive to others, who are more likely to be drawn to you. Positive people can also create a vision that others want to follow. They build a better work environment, which makes their coworkers happier and more productive.

Being positive is a way of making your life better—and not just by making others like you more! When you’re happy with yourself and confident in the world around you, it shows in everything that comes out of your mouth: your words become more articulate; your ideas are clearer and more creative; even your body language becomes more relaxed and inviting.

Now that you know that positivity is essential in today’s world, it will be time to start making changes. The best place to start is with yourself, so if you catch yourself being negative or pessimistic, change the way you think right away. You can also encourage those around you to do this by showing them the value of maintaining a positive attitude.

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