Episode 551 – 23 thoughts for 2023 from psalms 23

Episode 551 - 23 thoughts for 2023 from psalms 23

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Psalms 23 for sure has to be the most famous psalm in the Bible. In my study of preparing for the coming year these 23 thoughts from the twenty third Psalm just sort of jumped off the page. 
I believe the principles within this famous passage can frame what we can experience and expect in the coming year. While I have no idea what tomorrow holds it is definitely comforting knowing who holds it. I pray these 23 thoughts encourage you as it did me.
  1. The Lord – Get focused on the single ruling force in my life
  1. Is my – Be intentionally present with the person in the power of my life
  1. Shepherd – Let this rulership guide, guard, and govern my actions, attitudes, and availability
  1. I shall not want – Be confident in knowing this will provide all I need
  1. He makes me lie down – Rest is a command just like work
  1. in Green pasture – His rest will prosper me
  1. He leads me beside still waters – Refreshing peace is where His direction leads me
  1. He restores my soul – Resting and going to areas of peace will restore anything lost
  1. He leads me in paths of righteousness – Take the long view when facing a choice on direction to go
  1. for His name’s sake – Greater purpose is what drives and motivates me
  1. Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I will fear no evil – Problems are temporary and look bigger than what they really are so there’s no reason to fear.
  1. Your rod and your staff comfort me – Correction and humility will fast track the nourishment, comfort, and care I’ll need.
  1. You prepare a table before me – I never have to apologize for but rather accept the favor and provision that He gives.
  1. in the presence of my enemies – Haters are going to hate and they will always be around.
  1. you anoint my head with oil – fear, doubt, and unbelief are unable to exist in His presence
  1. my cup overflows – I live in abundance
  1. Surely – There’s no doubt of who or why I am
  1. goodness and mercy shall follow me – I don’t chase after blessings, they chase after me
  1. all the days of my life – my favor and acceptance is not temporary
  1. I shall dwell – my future is established
  1. in the house – my place is secure
  1. of the Lord – my Heavenly Father is, was, and forever will be my reward
  1. Forever – There is no end to the favor on my life

Here is the link to the video on the training in this show:

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I pray this coming year is full of love, laughter, and life to its full. Never forget!

You are worth more!

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