How to target leads that convert

Choose your lead type before you start

A solo-preneur and small business owner has to manage a lot. Sometimes that’s difficult, but what makes it more difficult is when we are marketing our business but targeting the wrong leads. One thing you want to do before you ever start a campaign is understand who your audience is so you can pull leads from that group.

To make this easy in this video I share the 3 types of leads. If you can understand these types and which one is best for you, then you are already setting your campaign up for greater results. 

The 3 types are:

Opted in leads you generated

Lead list that you purchased

Scraped leads from the internet 

Knowing what each type are, how they are generated, and which one fits your business is key to your success. Many times good sales people have horrible closing rates simply because they are working with the wrong type of leads. 

I hope this short 8min training will help you find the leads that are right for you!

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