Building a lucrative career around your life rather than a life around your career

How I made over $20,000 in a month I was on vacation and not working

For those who’ve followed my podcast or webinar know that about 2-3 months out of the year I like to travel and go on vacations with my family. Now having a family of 7 and traveling has it’s own challenges, but to be able to do so is an incredible blessing for sure!

Many of our friends and family simply look at us like we are crazy and we’ve even been asked point blank if we’re in some kind of drug trafficking business or something. My oldest son before he started working for me would ask for time off at his job at Chick Filet and one manager just point blanked asked him, “what does you family do to go on so many vacations?”

It is abnormal for families our size, let alone any family to go on that many vacations but one thing my wife and I decided early on we wanted to build a career around our life and not try and build a life around our careers. That is what drove the decisions to homeschool, and to be self employed. I realize what a blessing it is and not everyone can just quit their jobs and start working from home, but I do believe everyone can start.

The advantage I have along with some others of my high performing clients is time and experience, but the only way to gain these two advantages is start. The greatest obstacle many people will face in accomplishing anything is just getting started. (click to listen to podcast on getting started) Don’t try to immediately replace an income from your day job with a home business, but start nonetheless. The best way to start a home based business that will not interrupt from your current job, life, and schedule is to start an online business.

The advantage of building your business around online marketing and tools is the freedom it will afford you like no other business. This past February I only physically spent time in my office for about 4 days, but made in personal income over $20k. How did I do it? I did with offering products, goods, and services online with marketing tools and strategies that automate my entire process. The advantage of using digital tools online is:

  1. No cold calling
  2. Targeting the exact clients looking for your product, good, or service
  3. Automatically engage, inform, and follow up with the client
  4. Create residual and perpetual income
  5. No inventory
  6. No overhead
  7. No pay-roll
  8. Completely scalable where you can grow your business to any level you want

I did a webinar on how I did this in February that you can see by clicking here. There you will see the very tools, training, and technology I used to create a passive income for me and my family in order to enjoy traveling and cruising for the majority of an entire month.

Nothing you will see in that webinar and training is something you can not do. There is no special skill, degree, or education you have to have in order to do exactly what I did. You simply have to be willing to take the time to learn how to use a few tools to reach your targeted audience, and be patient enough to continually adjust your efforts until the desired results are what you want on conversion. Anyone that says being an entrepreneur is easy is lying to you. It’s not easy, but is WORTH IT. The moment you learn how to generate your own income stream through the tools and strategies shown in the webinar above is the moment you will owe no man anything. Freedom is the greatest gift a person could ever receive. Learning how to leverage the tools, technology, and training in the webinar above will afford you that allusive gift for so many.

Start your journey today! It’s not easy, but it is WORTH IT. Remember YOU ARE WORTH MORE.

Want to start working for yourself today? We have multiple ways you can start with no, or very little money to get started. Go to to see what we have that may be a fit for you.

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