Always generate income in your business by creating a win for everyone

The biggest secret of successful entrepreneurs is so obvious it’s always overlooked

Sometimes new entrepreneurs and sales professionals try to make business so complicated that the most obvious ways to earn more money is overlooked. The biggest mistake most businesses and sales people make is creating a binary yes or no choice for their clients to use their product, goods, or services. This is crazy!

Instead of making it a yes or no proposition, why not make it a “whatever you decide I want to help” offer? Then simply monetize their choice so you can earn no matter what they decide. Let me explain:

If you sell insurance as an example, rather than say this is the kind of insurance I sell, this is why it’s better, do you want to buy? Make it more of a balanced presentation that no matter what they decide you help them and monetize their choice? Now I know what you are thinking. You are thinking how in the world can you do that, right? It’s simple.

In the scenario above there are only 3 answers. 1 Yes I like what you offer, 2 no I like what someone else offers, or 3 no I want to wait, shop, etc.

If the answer is yes then you’ve made a sell and it’s pretty obvious how you make money. If the answer is no I like the other plan you don’t offer over there, then simply develop a relationship with other providers to be paid a referral fee. That’s how our entire RMP system® that our Plus & Elite members have access to works. We have hundreds of companies that may or may not be in the same industry as one of our members. Our member are paid to send them a referral whether the client makes a purchase or not. The 3rd and only other answer is a combination of either no, or I want to wait. Most people will simply state I want to wait and shop, study, or whatever the excuse may be. Here’s how you can make money off of those answers as well.

In the same insurance buying scenario above you simply say, great! Mr or Mrs prospect I get paid to help you whether you make a purchase or not. Our company is more concerned that you are provide service than whether you make a purchase. I would like to offer you a couple of my competitors as a referral for you to be able to shop and compare my prices to. Again you don’t have to make a purchase, but by simply going there to get a quote I get paid to send you there and it shows my company that I am providing you alternative quotes as a service so I can get paid. Would you mind doing that right now?

The above scenario is how for years I made thousands a week in promoting insurance whether I made a sell or not. You see it really does pay to be helpful and the crazy thing was when I stopped trying to make a sell and simply tried to help more people with getting the best offer possible I actually sold more myself. In many cases clients came back and made a purchase even though I was higher because they appreciated my honesty, transparency, and willingness to lose a sell in order to help them.

Here is a live recording I had with clients who were looking for jobs. See how I didn’t make a sell and still made money.

CLICK HERE to listen

Create a win win in your business and you will always win!

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