Episode 308 – How to Sell & Recruit With Social Media, even with NO PRODUCT

Affiliate Marketing
Affiliate Marketing
Episode 308 - How to Sell & Recruit With Social Media, even with NO PRODUCT

Today was our first time going live on Facebook and Youtube with our Podcast. In this episode I share 2 incredible resources that will help you make more money online with using social media.

  1. If you have a product that professionals such as insurance or real estate agents would find value in, or if your product/service is for sales professionals from any industry check this out.  I want to share with you a training I’ve taken and used now for over a year to increase my recruiting and selling online. Link to resource is terrywilson3.com/linkedin
  2. If you do not have a product or service and would like a way to earn money online using social media then check this out. This is a great job opportunity to be able to manage, post, and create social media content for other businesses. What will make this opportunity come alive is if you have our blog curator and SM publishing suite. Then you can really leverage your time. terrywilson3.com/smjobs


Want to take your income to new levels and would appreciate the extra training and tools to do it? Register now for our 2018 ELT Conference. This is a 3 day conference with me personally here in Greenville, SC. Go to terrywilson3.com/elitetrainer Get our ELT package and we will automatically register and give you free tickets to attend.


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