Episode 349 – I’d rather be lucky than good but will take both if it’s a choice?

Episode 349 - I'd rather be lucky than good but will take both if it's a choice?

In this episode I share how just shear luck is how I fell into podcasting. I’ve heard it said that, “Good luck is when opportunity meets preparation, while bad luck is when lack of preparation meets reality.” 

I think I’ve lived both sides of that coin. I also got a great call in question from a member that I would normally answer on private trainings with my members on Wed Night. However I thought it was 3 really good questions so I wanted to take the time to answer it on the podcast.


This podcast is a return to something I used to do 2 times a week but haven’t in over 2 years. It’s just me in the studio today with not live audience and no panel. I sort of missed getting back to producing just a good solid 15min – 30min audio podcast. So I think this year the Lord willing we will have Monday Night’s with me and our panel live, and then I’ll produce a second one to go out on Thursdays.

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