Episode 351 – Making $5k a Week by Using Landing Pages. Really?

Affiliate Marketing
Affiliate Marketing
Episode 351 - Making $5k a Week by Using Landing Pages. Really?

Landing Pages! What are they? How are they used? When should you use them? Are landing pages the only thing you need? In this episode I cover how landing pages are an intricate part of any successful campaign that is scalable. Of course you can do business online without one, but the ability to scale, control your sales narrative, and have congruent branding that will match your message will be greatly impeded without using them and using them effectively.

Let me be clear. I don’t think that landing pages, squeeze pages, sales pages, or whatever term you want to use to describe an antonymous page to publish capturing and compelling content is a panacea that will make all of your marketing pains go away. I cringe out how some of these online faux marketing gurus sale a landing page software as a cure all. However, I can point to multiple trainers, reps, and agents using our platform that on a consistent basis are making $5k+ per week through the strategies we advocate in the use of landing pages.

Landing pages are 1 of 3 types of tools you have to have in your marketing campaign. If you do not have a landing page then you need to capture clients information and be given permission to market to via the telephone, text, or email. These other platforms are very doable however hard to scale effectively. These are some of the things we cover in this episode.

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