Episode 359 – 7 Visual Marketing Tips For Better Ad Copy

Episode 359 - 7 Visual Marketing Tips For Better Ad Copy

7 Visual Marketing Tips To Catch The Eye Of Your Audience And Increase Conversions

Technological advancements have made it easier for brands to market their products and services online. This has brought about changes in marketing trends, with visual marketing taking the lead. However, not all visual content has the capability of converting leads, especially in the eLearning industry. Consistency in visual content is key when it comes to marketing eLearning software and services. Creating infographics and other forms of content is crucial in online marketing, but how do you stand out? Below is a list of the top visual marketing tips that eLearning software vendors and service providers should know.

  1. Personalize the Content
  2. Use infographics to sum up benefits
  3. Create Videos to go Viral
  4. Adopt a visual marekting style
  5. Use Slide Share Videos for Social Media
  6. Avoid Controversies
  7. Screenshots are worth a 1000 words

Links to resources mentioned:

canva.com for a great free graphic creating resource

terrywilson3.com/fiverr for help creating graphics

terrywilson3.com/videomaker for software to make great videos

Free Audio Books at terrywilson3.com/freebook

Download my book You Are Worth More at terrywilson3.com/worthmore


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