Episode 379 – Making Money From The Movies

Affiliate Marketing
Affiliate Marketing
Episode 379 - Making Money From The Movies

How I made $380 from the new Lion King Movie from Disney

Tonight weʼre talking about how you can make money from movies without being an actor, director, producer, or for that matter having anything to do with the producing or distribution of the film. What weʼre going to show tonight is how I was able to generate a few hundred dollars from simply giving movie tickets away to the new Lion King reboot from Disney. So youʼll definitely want to stay tuned for that because we are going to be covering what I made, how I made it, and what I used in the campaign to do it in just a few minutes.

Lindsey – NEW TEXT LIST. Due to changes with a company we were using to send out text alerts for our live event such as podcast, special trainings, and live streams we have started a new list. If you once received text alerts with the links to our live streams you will need to join the new list as the old list on the old platform is no longer being used. Text the word tw3podcast to 38470 to join the new list. We are going to select someone who joins the list tonight to receive a free copy of Terryʼs newly published book, You Are Worth More. To get a copy of You are Worth More go to youareworthmoredbook.com and get your copy today. You can get a signed copy by buying one tonight on the show. We just received another shipment of 50 in so we can send them out to you tonight. Go to youareworthmoredbook.com right now and get your signed copy.

Chris – Speaking of worth more we are having the You Are Worth More Conference in just a few short months and tickets are selling out fast. If you are an entrepreneur, sales professional, or have always wanted to have a business that was both profitable, dependable, and scalable then you have to be at this conference. You will learn from top performing entrepreneurs from all around the country how they are using the TW3 tools, technology, and training to start, grow, or manage their business to new levels. Go to worthmoreconference.com and get your tickets now. That is worthmoreconference.com Get tickets tonight while we are on the show and I will personally make sure Terry signs a book and gets it you to you tonight.

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