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I hate doing things like this because it’s a big hassle for my audience and us as well, but there’s no way around it. For years we used a texting service to alert our fans and TW3 family as to when we were about to go live. Unfortunately that service has capped off how many people you can have on a list to only 150. Well for a podcast audience and membership of over 10,000 people that don’t work. So we are having to change service providers.

If you’d like to continue to get text alerts from us about special live streams we do, podcast that are live, and other alerts as to free training you can join us live on, then please text tw3podcast to 38470. We would just merge the list from the old provider to the new but in order to make sure we are following all the FCC mobile text protocols we’ve elected to just have people opt in again.

Sorry for the hassle and hope you will join us on the new list and service provider.

Text: tw3podcast to 38470

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