Episode 384 – The process for higher profits

Episode 384 - The process for higher profits

Tonight we are talking about process. You know as I look back over the clicks we get on our blogs, podcast, and videos I canʼt help but notice something very telling about people and the human psyche. If I put a large dollar amount up in the subject line or graphic of content there will be a larger audience almost in every instance. However if I put up a training on various strategies, systems, or skillsets needed then there is a noticeable drop-off. Now I get this but let me encourage you on something tonight. What you are about to hear is my income report for just one of my income streams in the month of Aug, just one of them: I have several. What you need to understand is for the month of Aug I was on vacation for almost 2 weeks. So how did I make this? I have a process. A proven process that for the past 11 years has yielded me and hundreds of my members a very healthy, reliable, and residual income stream.

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