3 Questions that are very difficult for most to ask or answer

The 3 questions that will literally change your life

I know it sounds over simplistic but it’s the little things that keeps most of us from achieving our highest call. I found it’s not the major road blocks in a road that keeps me from my destination but my constant lack of attention to the warning lights going off on the console letting me know of something that needs to be attended to.

In sales and in business I have used these 3 questions to help clients arrive and what we call the “close” on a decision. When I’ve had the privilege to help someone in their career, or in pursuing a higher income goal, I always go back to these 3 simple questions. Simple they are in asking but answering them for yourself, you may find way more difficult.

  1. Are you happy? The question isn’t are things going my way or am I getting what I want. The question is about, am I content. Am I at peace with myself knowing that where I am, what I have, and what I am experiencing I can fully rest and know I’m 110% fully invested. I am doing everything I could ever do on my own and even dreamed in order to become the best version of me. Do I earn what I know I could and am worth? Am I committed to improving, increasing, and engaging my full, God given potential in life, or am I holding back? Am I just phoning in it in as they say? Have I exchanged full contentment for manageable complacency in order to mitigate life’s frustrations?
  2. What are you doing about it? This question doesn’t dismiss nor assume effort hasn’t been made before but rather begs for an honest exam of the activities I engage in, the effectiveness of those activities, and the openness to make changes where needed. Isn’t it amazing how we sometimes will fight for, and make excuses for behavior and activities we know ourselves don’t work. We’re willing to suffer the foreseen consequences of unproductive activity rather than make the changes we know are needed. In chapter 9 of You Are Worth More I talk about how people get stuck. There’s reason we all get stuck and settle in life, and there’s also a way out.
  3. When are you going to make the changes? One thing I’ve learned about myself and after coaching for all these years I know I’m not alone in this, deadlines are essential for success. What separates a dream from a plan is a time table. It’s great to have dreams but it’s a plan that grows a business, improves a relationship, and achieves a goal. Show me an idea with no executable time sensitive means to carry it out and I’ll show you how to use a birthday candle, just make a wish!

Take heart, have courage, and be willing to not only ask yourself the tough questions but answer them.

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