Episode 396 – 2019 in Review

Affiliate Marketing
Affiliate Marketing
Episode 396 - 2019 in Review

Welcome to Episode 396. Tonight we are celebrating the gift that was 2019 for us here at TW3. This past year we’ve seen explosive growth both company wide and through individual small business owners around the world that are using TW3. It’s been an honor to see how our tools and training have been used by so many this year and we can’t wait to see these individuals continue to grow and thrive in 2020 next year.

This year in Review:
1 – $200k+ this year just using the tools and training
2 – $200k+ as of this year coaching & building products around the TW3 platform 3 – $5k+ per week in the TW3 CC for the past 6+ years
4 – $350k+ this year in Final Expense NB

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