Using TW3 to Build a VERY profitable sales agency

How I built my insurance agency $10mil+

In a live Q&A I was asked how to use TW3 to build an MLM business. This reminded me of how I built my insurance agency and really flipped the script on the traditional way most insurance agencies are built. Now I understand many professionals within that particular industry may disagree with me. However if you asked me how I built a thriving agency so quickly I would say it was because I adopted this business model.

When you as a trainer, coach, and agency owner build your agency with the new recruit having all of the tools, commission schedules, and support to succeed with, you have truly set them up for success, and mitigated your risk of educating your competition.

NOW THAT’S WHAT TW3 becomes for you!

We become your training, tools, and support for your agents to become successful. AND THEY PAID YOU to be equipped to do so.

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