Episode 404 – Business on Demand with $9k in a week

Episode 404 - Business on Demand with $9k in a week

Hear how Tom from Chi-Town is making $9k in a week

Episode 404 – Business on Demand

Tonight I’m honored to have with me on the show Tom from Chi-Town! Tom is the host of “Let’s Talk” that can be heard anytime 24 hours a day on demand over at TW3Radio.com Tom is a serial entrepreneur from multiple industries and has been with TW3 now going on 2 years and is not only one of our top recruiters, trainers, and coaches, but he’s one of my favorite people in the business. Tom came to us through Bam Bam from the left coasts and has taken TW3 by storm. So join me and welcoming Tom Sellers

      Have you ever been in a business where just with a few clicks of a button you could be in front of qualified people talking to them about your product, good, or service? Well Tom has been using our platform along with several others and is able to help his clients no matter what industry they come from do the same. So let’s talk about a typical week and what he does.

      My questions for Tom:

      1. Tom just this past week, how many leads have you generated for your businesses?
      2. What are the results you are experiencing by having the quantity and quality of leads you are able to generate?
      3. How does your current system and strategy of generating compare to other businesses you’ve been in?
      4. How much time do you spend a day trying to find qualified people to speak with?
      5. How much time do you spend a day trying to qualify the leads you generate?
      6. What quality of business are you now writing through your qualifying process?
      7. What is some advice you could give to new entrepreneurs?
      8. What is some advice you could give to new TW3 members?

      CTA – tsellars.com 608-618-1591 listen 24/7 on tw3radio.com

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      Get the motivation, inspiration, and information you need to take your money, business, and life to the next level. March 19 – 21 in Greenville, SC.


      Read the story behind the brand. Understand why I won’t rest until every person I’m privileged to meet understands that they are worth more. You are made by, from, and for the purposes of greatness. You are not a cosmic accident because lighting struck some mud puddle and crawled out billions of years later. You were a forethought with a fortune to inherit the moment you understand, You Are Worth More.

      4 thoughts on “Episode 404 – Business on Demand with $9k in a week

      1. Peter Falcon

        I’m broke…..but I can sell an igloo to an Eskimo in the middle of winter. Please…..help me out with your program….I will pay you out after first couple sales. You could even keep the money from the first couple sales!!!! Believe in me cause I believe in you. _Peter Falcon

        1. terrywilson3 Post author

          Hi Peter –

          It’s always good to hear from someone that’s motivated. You can start for free with us as a sales rep. See more info and details at terrywilson3.com/faq

          Look forward to seeing your success,
          TW3 Support

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