3 Questions that irritate most people but demand answers.

How 3 questions changed my entire career path

Have you ever heard the old adage, “you can’t control how you feel?” You might even believe that but where do feelings come from? Do they not come from what your mind thinks about? Well where do your thoughts come from? I never really understood this until I started digging deeper into physiological studies of how the human mind works. The answer is so simple it’s overlooked and often unseen but nevertheless it’s right there in front of us. Our thoughts come from the questions we entertain and continually ponder. Your mind, your thoughts, your attention is continually focused on and ruminating the questions you want answered. That’s why questions are so powerful. Questions have the power to alter your mood in a second because they invoke thoughts. That’s why these 3 questions can irritate so many and have irritated me in the past as well.

These are the questions that a man after telling me I was worth more in a McDonald’s restaurant in Spindale NC back when I was just 16 was able to recruit me into a direct sales position that ultimately set the course of my career. These are the 3 questions I still ask myself to this day to keep my current status quo accountable to the potential I have within me.

1. If you could earn, enjoy, and experience more out of life than what you currently are, would you want to?

2. If you had a viable opportunity to improve, expand, and increase the margin in your life for more time, more money, and more freedom, would you take it?

3. Are you willing right now to invest in, believe in, and improve on yourself today to see a whole new life tomorrow? 

Most are too cynical on life to really answer those questions with any sincerity unfortunately. I know if someone had asked me those questions back in 2008 I’d probably would have punched them in the face. Sometimes the frustrations and disappointments of life can really get us all so negative that opportunities to improve can turn into reminders of our irritations. Don’t let that happen to you. Ask yourself those questions with full sincerity and answer them with full sincerity too.  If you can say yes then I want you to seriously consider our You Are Worth More Conference. Seats are filling up fast and the results our attendees have been getting are incredible.

Hear from Miller Time CLICK HERE
See how he came last year after losing a job, a wife, and a career to restart a new business, and improve and existing one. After attending he earned over $250k

Hear from Captain Quackenbush CICK HERE
See how after being diagnosed with Cancer, losing his insurance agency, and having to dig out of a financial hole due to a sub-agent in his business he is consistently earning a 6 figure income a year.

Hear from Bam Bam from the Left Coast CLICK HERE
Ron came to our first conference after being consistently frustrated with the new technology that his online business was demanding of him. He met others who helped him devise a strategy to turn his music business and online coaching business around to be one our top recruiters

Hear from Miss Spelling Bee CLICK HERE
After being laid off by a large Fortune 500 corporation Laurie found herself with no job, no benefits, and a 6 figure income to replace. Hear how she’s rebuilding her personal and professional life today.

Hear from Tom from Chi-Town CLICK HERE
Tom after being diagnosed with cancer like Marc, he fights back, starts a business, and then joins TW3 to help grow his business and diversify his income streams. He’s now seeing $9k a week diversified income stream.

These are just a few of the many who’ve attended or are attending our conference and seeing incredible results. Can I guarantee you’ll have the same? Of course not but I can tell you that the training, technology, and tools these folks are using to take their lives to new levels will be on full display for you to start your journey too.

These are different people with different backgrounds and experiences just like you. Some are highly proficient in sales and others are not while others are highly proficient in technology and many of the rest are not. However they are all finding success and will be attending the 2020 You Are Worth More Conference.

Common Questions:

I don’t have a home business or any business. How will this help me?

We can show you various products, services, and business opportunities that fit your passion and proficiency to get started and launch a business. See how we helped Miller Time

I’m already in a business, how can this benefit me?

We will show you how to generate more leads for your existing business and monetize current business activities to increase your business revenue streams. We will also be training on ways to improve recruiting for your current business and create a better, more productive business culture.

Is this just a bunch of hype feel good stuff with not substance?

Absolutely not. While we are highly motivated and want to inspire everyone who attends, we also are committed to seeing you walk away with information and strategies that you can execute on immediately for results.

Can I bring someone?

Yes. If you want them to attend the sessions with you only need to buy an additional ticket at a discounted rate so that can come in with you.

Do I have to be a TW3 Member to attend?

No. This conference is for anyone who has a business, wants to start a business, or looking for strategies to improve their business.

Can I become a member at the conference at a discount?

No. You can become a member, however our membership rates are always the same and never discounted. It is not required to be a member to attend but you will definitely get more out of the conference by having the same tools and technologies that will be mentioned during training sessions.

Am I going to be constantly pitched to during the sessions?

No. All of our speakers will be bringing value that you can use immediately and start executing on. We will mention other resources they have you may be interested in but the focus is on you getting tremendous value out of attending the sessions, training, and conference.

Can I speak with you personally?

Yes. There are going to be specific times and opportunities to speak with me and others on staff. I will also be offering special break out session to speak with and 4 others to help give you specific strategies to use in your business.

Who all will be speaking at the conference other than Terry?



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