Episode 407 – Growing Pains

Episode 407 - Growing Pains

8 Most Common Growing Pains

Tonight we’re talking about growing pains and the 8 most common growing pains that small businesses and startups face. No matter how long you’ve been in business you are going to face the pain of growth if your business grows. This is a natural occurrence in every business and a challenge that every entrepreneur faces. However none of these challenges have to be an obstacle that keeps you from growing. So tonight we’re going to dig in to the 8 most common growing pains and take your questions as well.

Tonight we’re talking about the 8 most common growing pains that new businesses and start up businesses face according to Business Insider. Let’s first list them out and then open it up for discussion.

  1. Hiring the right people
  2. Offering appealing benefits
  3. Maintaining Company Culture
  4. Communication Issues or lack thereof
  5. Lack of job clarity, training, and expectations
  6. Ambiguous goals and direction
  7. Distribution of work load leading to overwork by some
  8. Staying Competitive

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