Everything’s a mystery until you understand the trick

Have you ever watched someone great at what they do and just look on with amazement? The statement, “the great ones make it look easy,” is so true. However achieving greatness doesn’t have to be complicated. In most areas you want to achieve success in can generally be broken down into just a few simple areas to work on.  Hey being great at golf is just 3 things right? You just have to be able to drive, hit the short game, and putt! lol

Yes you can over simply things for sure but my experience has been we all try to over complicate things. If you can learn to break down the craft into just a few areas to work on you can narrow your focus, define your areas to improve, and measure your progress. That will get you to where you want to go a whole lot quicker than simply watching and waiting on the ability to magically appear.

So the next time you try to improve a skill, work on a craft, or increase an ability remember to break the activity down so that you don’t become overwhelmed and feel tempted to quit.

This was an excerpt from episode 476. See the entire show at https://terrywilson3.com/wordpresswordpress476

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