Have Insurance Buyers Call You – Episode 268

Have Insurance Buyers Call You - Episode 268

In this episode I share a new resource we are using a TW3 to pinpoint target specific leads in order to drive conversion rates higher. The moment I learned to generate my own leads in the insurance business is when my income exploded.

You may not be in the insurance business, but you can take the examples shown in this episode and apply them to any business. Once you learn how to leverage some basic tools to drive leads you never have to cold call again, and doing business is so much easier.

Show Links:

terrywilson3.com/apply to join our network

terrywilson3.com/creditrepair to repair your credit and get a loan

terrywilson3.com/health for affordable health insurance coverage

2 thoughts on “Have Insurance Buyers Call You – Episode 268

  1. Paul Crane

    Terry, i’m selling a great health policy( cash/indemnity) that IS NOT
    ACA compliant but is designed for small biz owners. no deductible,
    no coinsurance, 4 DR visits, hospital, surgery, etc-very complete plan.
    includes dental , some life and cancer coverage. I would like to test this
    for myself but I could probably sell this to other agents after i am successful
    using it?!
    Does your system have the breakdown for business owners, age, etc?

    1. terrywilson3 Post author

      Hi Paul –
      Our system will do exactly what you are wanting it to do as that is exactly what I used to do with Assurant Health selling their indemnity plan back when I was in insurance. Feel free to reach out to me via terrywilson3.com/contact to set up a time to give you a demo.

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