Income Protection for $22 per week

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Protect your income now from loss of work due to accidents, critical illnesses, or temporary disabilities for only $22.25 per week.

  • $25o,000.00 AD Term Life
  • $1,800 per mo income stream from temp disability (30 day waiting period)
  • $10,000.00 in Critical Illness (heart attack, stroke, cancer, etc)
  • ER & Urgent Care ($250 Deductible)

All benefits are paid directly to beneficiary of policy. Coverage above for $22.25 per week IS NOT MAJOR MEDICAL INSURANCE, but is insurance to cover the loss of income due to illnesses, and accidents. Money paid to insured can be used to cover cost of medical bills, and/or other bills as needed.

Take advantage of this coverage today.






Other coverage that can be added –

  • Dental $29 per mo
  • Vision $10 per mo
  • RX $12.60 per mo
  • Full Major Medical (subject to age)