Life & Disability Insurance for only $49.95

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I believe health insurance is important, but there is no more important coverage a self-employed, or entrepreneur can receive then Life & DI (disability). REMEMBER health insurance protects the doctors, and hospitals liability of getting paid in the event you become sick. In short health insurance is protection for your care givers. Disability and Life is protection for YOU. If you get hurt, sick, or can’t work it protects your loss of income and gives you a monthly check.






With the ACCIFLEX plan from Assurity you will receive –

  • $250k in term life
  • $1800 per mo in temporary disability
  • Return of Premium (don’t use it, get a refund later of what you paid)

You also can add Critical Illness which would give you a lump sum of cash of $10k – $100k for:

  • Heart Attack
  • Stroke
  • Cancer
  • ER
  • Accidents


$49.95 per mo. CLICK TO APPLY