Insurance Agent in Ky makes $900 per day from home

As you know life insurance, and really sales in general can be tough sometimes. Have you ever driven 2 hours to an appointment only to be stood up? Have you ever been told, “we are going to take that policy out next week”, only to see that next week never comes?

Selling insurance, like any other sales position can be tough. That is one reason I like offering my insurance products from my home based call center. I want to tell you about one of our agents name Kyle. He’s new to the business, but not to sales. For the last 3 weeks he has made on average around $900 per day working from his home office. How?

  1. He calls 8000 people per day offering them a free rate check on their auto insurance. He’s not a P&C agent, but he does lead work for one of our push campaign contracts. He get’s paid $5 per lead transferred regardless if the individual buys a policy. So when sends an automated call out within in our call center system the ones who respond are transferred over, and he gets paid.
  2. The next day he prints out a report of everyone who transferred over to follow up. He basically calls them live from our call center and states, “Hi this is Kyle, my office called you yesterday to offer a free rate check on your auto coverage. I just wanted to check in to see how we did, and were we able to save you money”. Regardless of their response he then goes to offer them a free rate check on what he offers which is life, health, disability, critical illness, cancer, and other life/health products.
This two step process has made him very successful, and very happy.
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