How to Generate Life Insurance Leads

One question I get a lot is how we built such a large agency, and the answer is simple, lead generation. The fact of the matter is that most top carriers have great products, and offer a strong secure financial background. That’s not to say that all companies are equal, but if you have appointments with great companies like Mutual of Omaha, Assurity Life, TransAmerica, or 40 other top companies then you are going to be able to offer clients a strong portfolio. The problem is, and always has been finding prospective clients to make your offer.

Fortunately I had one advantage when I first got into the insurance business and that was I came from a marketing background. Having founded, built, and owned several businesses prior to starting an insurance, and financial planning business I had experience in marketing. This was a huge blessing I believe as I’ve seen many people enter in to this field only to become disappointed, and eventually drop out.

Generating insurance leads, prospects, and eventually clients is both a science and an art. There are hard empirical data that drives our sales numbers yes, but there is also an art to finding compelling narratives for prospective clients to engage with. Knowing how to use technology with engaging content is crucial in todays social media driven world. Here are 3 keys I believe every insurance agent must have to be successful.

How to GenerateLife Insurance Leads-2

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