Listen how a brand new entrepreneur earns $1600 in first week of starting business – Episode 272

The Podcast
The Podcast
Listen how a brand new entrepreneur earns $1600 in first week of starting business - Episode 272

In this episode I take questions from my audience on a live call about ways and strategies they can start earning money immediately in their own business. One rep who called in has just started her business. In 1 week has already closed on $800 in business and has another $800 pending. That’s $1600 in business in less than 1 week just starting!

What did she and others like her do to earn this?

Here is what they are not doing:

  • They don’t have to cold call. Clients call them
  • They don’t have to sell to make money
  • They don’t have pester friends, family, and foes
  • They don’t have to buy leads
  • They don’t have to be technical experts
  • They don’t have to work 16 hours a day
  • They don’t have pay upfront for anything
  • They don’t have to join an MLM or Network Marketing Business

Here is what they are doing:

  • Earning $400 – $18k per sale
  • Earning high residual income off of sells
  • Earning passive income while they sleep
  • Earning money in areas they enjoy

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4 thoughts on “Listen how a brand new entrepreneur earns $1600 in first week of starting business – Episode 272

  1. Harold Jeffries

    Terry I would like to take advantage of your training and business platform. I’ve been following you for 8 years now. I’ve spoken to several people who’ve worked with you and all say the same thing. I’m ready to go to the next level and everyone I’ve spoken with you’ve worked with says you were able to help them more than any other.



    1. terrywilson3 Post author

      Hi Harold –

      Thank you so much and I’m glad you are getting a lot out of our trainings. I can’t wait to have you as a client. I think we will really be able to help you with your business.


  2. Sang Na

    I’d like to learn more and start with you Terry. I’ve listened to your podcast now for 3 years and have spoken to many of your clients. I am ready to move forward with your program as I know I can be successful using it. Please contact me Monday. I want to start with you as an ELT consultant and would like your personal coaching.


  3. Gina Tillis

    Thank you for following up with me last week. I started 3 weeks ago and played around the first 2 weeks in your back office. After listening to Barbara, Jason, and others who had come on almost the same time I did and already making money I sort of kicked myself. In all honesty I was doing nothing but simply watching your training and coming to the live calls. They are all so informative but that’s all I would do. I am the world’s biggest procrastinator.

    So last Thursday after hearing Barbara and the others I listened to you and just worked the program the way you’ve laid it out. Today, “cha ching!” Now I wished I had just done this in the first week, duh!

    Thanks Terry your system is amazing and you are so informative with your trainings. I really appreciate all that you do for your members!

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