May 23, 2022 – Business Strategies Webinar at TW3

Hype is no help

In this 1hr webinar I speak with some of our members who are crushing it online right now, and how they are doing it. What you will hear isn’t hype, but a how to that will help you start, scale, and support your business. What you will see illustrated is the moving parts it takes to make a profit in the online space. Make no mistake, even if you are a traditional B&M business, you better have a real and present presence in the online space. 

Breaking down the jargon 

We also take sometime to explain what some of these terms are, what they mean, and what it looks like in your business. Too many times I have assumed terms like sales funnel, CRM, auto-responder, and other online marketing terms are just understood. Too many they might have a general concept of these terms, but we took time to show these tools work in any business.  

Mindset matters more than everything else

We also go through some of the key mindsets, attitudes, and intentional approaches we take to ensure daily success. It’s not that we can just wish things away, or pretend that something isn’t wrong and it goes away, but it does mean that opportunity is only perceived and received through a clear, concise vision that’s available through mindset. 

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