How to create a step by step written training guide

Easy tool to use to create written training

I’ve enjoyed coaching and training thousands of people for over a decade now. However one area I’ve always suffered in was creating written training for my clients. My training has always been in the form of video and audio. Why? Because it’s easier for me to show someone then to tell someone. However many of my clients would have been better served if they could have had the information in written form than just video. Well that problem has now been solved.

Free software that creates written training

I have just stumbled across this incredible FREE software that works with your Google Chrome browser called, “Scribe.” This thing is so cool and easy to use. The blog post I’m creating write now from generating a graphic to posting a blog is being recorded by it right now so you can see how it works. Pretty cool, huh?

See a demo of scribe software

So with the image link below you will see this quick and easy guide created by simply doing the work I would want to show others. The software records every move and then I simply can share the link, or download as a PDF to package as an eBook. click to see  

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