Realtor and Self Employed Benefits


One of the biggest challenges for small business people, realtors, builders, and entrepreneurs is getting affordable health insurance coverage. Because normally you are soley responsible for getting your health, life, disability, and retirement package on the individual market, it can be very expensive. NO LONGER

You can now join our larger group of independents like yourself and receive very affordable health insurance, and other benefits at a very affordable rate. Rates start @ $89 per mo on health insurance. And what does that cover?
• Hospitalization
• Surgical (in & out patient)
• Office Visits (wellness & sickness)
• Dental & Vision
• RX
• ER
• Transportation (land & air)

And here’s the best part. Our plans have NO DEDUCTIBLE. This saves you thousands of dollars out of pocket. And with bundling you with several others we are able to save you THOUSANDS per year on premiums too!

Mary Jane is 45 YO and does not smoke. She currently pays $389 for a bronze plan from BC&BS which has a $5000 deductible, and 70/30 coinsurance. This means MJ will pay $9,668 this year before her current plan will pay anything toward her medical bills. Why? $4668 is paid in premium, and then another $5000 in deductible. A deductible is what you pay before the insurance company pays anything. Then the plan only pays 70% until she meets her max out of pocket. This means she could pay another $5000 on top of the $9,668 she is already going to pay.

NOW MJ switches to us:
No Deductible, no waiting, and she pays $189 for a plan through one of our top ranked carriers (United Health One, Aetna, Assurant, Humana, Well Path, Cigna, Golden Rule, 30 others) and she pays only $189 before she begins to receive benefits. This saves her thousands of dollars. How? She’s bundled with over 3800 people just like her that leveraged the size of our group to get better coverage for less money.

See what your rate would be now for free! I’ll send you current rates of plans available in your area. Your information is safe, and is never sold, shared, or sent to third parties.