Seek freedom rather than comfort

The entire middle class is built on this one misnomer, comfort. When you look at every ad on TV, radio, and social media to everything you see in pop culture one pervasive lie is at the center of all it; “buy this to gain comfort”. What the product, good, or service will bring comfort to depends on the various pains the prospective client is experiencing.


Tony Robbins say’s in his book, Awaken the Giant Within (CLICK HERE to get a free audio copy) that there are only two factors that drive any decision ever made, pain & pleasure. When you understand that, you can see how everything in the world is sold. Do you want to avoid your hunger pains, and experience decadent pleasure then purchase _________, do you want to avoid the pain of financial calamity, then buy this financial or insurance ___________, do you want to avoid the pain of what this political party will bring, then elect __________. Once you recognize the pattern, you start to realize how the masses are manipulated, and worse yet how you may have been, or can be manipulated. Pain & pleasure are real feelings that are important to keep one safe physically, emotionally, financially, and spiritually. However many times people can misunderstand the reality of what really brings true comfort, and thus make wrong decisions.


For many people they derive a feeling of comfort from what they perceive as a guarantee, but the problem is in business especially there are no guarantees. Like I shared in this episode of Dollars & Sense many people being interviewed today out of college would rather have a perceived guarantee of low wages, rather than the opportunity & freedom that unlimited income brings. I am sure many of the financial analyst, hedge fund managers, and brokers working at Lehman Brothers felt pretty secure in their jobs until the 2nd quarter of 2007 when the housing bubble finally popped. The false choice so many people make is I’ll take this low paying guarantee rather than this unlimited income risk. The fallacy in this premise is they are both risk. Markets change, companies shut down, economies contract, and businesses fail. I find it less of a risk to have full control of the direction of the company I am employed by, rather than strapped in the back seat of a business I have no control over.

There are ways to working your way toward freedom in a way that is financial, emotionally, and economically wise.

  1. If you have a full time job, don’t quit. Instead start working 2-4 hours a week on building your own business. There are many things you can do on your own time that can earn you money, and potentially grow into a full time career if you like it.

  2. Don’t get involved with any business, or opportunity that doesn’t offer a real and legitimate value to the market place. If the business is solely based on recruiting your friends, family, or foes into joining then run fast!

  3. Don’t start any business that you can’t emotionally, financially, or spiritually afford to invest in. Starting your own business takes time, money, and resolve. If you start a business in the position that you can’t afford to be disappointed either financially, emotionally, or spiritually at first then you are setting yourself up for failure. ALL START UPS take time, money, and consistent effort. This is the cost of starting a new business, if you can’t afford this, don’t spend this.

  4. ONLY START A BUSINESS that you love and engages you on your passions, and proficiencies. Stay away from the thrills, pills, lotions, and potions types businesses unless that’s what you like, and are good at.


I did a 1 hour training for a group a few weeks ago on how anyone can start earning an income by working for themselves from home. I show in this training how you don’t have to be supper talented, or a biz wiz. You can be an average, ordinary person and start a journey to financial, emotional, and personal freedom. If you would like me to send you that training video for free simply put your name & email, and I’ll send it right to you.

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