Setting Up Facebook Retargeting Pixel

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Recently Facebook release retargeting features to allow users set up Facebook retargeting, or remarketing as some people call it. In the past, you could only set up Facebook retargeting through larger advertisers. As a result, there’s not a lot of information out for a small business to set up retargeting on Facebook themselves. In this post I’ll show you step by step how to set up Facebook retargeting.

First, you’ll want to go to your Facebook campaign center, which is located at Facebook.com/advertising. Then look in the left hand sidebar for a tab called audiences. Click on the audience tab and you’ll start the process of setting up retargeting for your website and your Facebook advertising campaigns.

Facebook retargeting audience

After you select audiences, you will see a couple options. You can create custom audience, which is what we are going to do for this example, or you could create a look-alike audience, which is similar to your current audience.

The reason we are selecting “create a custom audience” is that we want to install the code on our website that tracks those website users so we can display ads on Facebook to them.

facebook create a local audience

After clicking “create a custom audience” tab, you’ll see a pop-up that says “custom audience for your website.” In this example, we are creating a pixel for our website so we can Capture website users and market to them on Facebook.

You will see that you have additional options below, for this case we will use the “custom audiences for your website selection.”

facebook create a custom audience from yoiur website

Before we are able to proceed, we have to agree to the Facebook terms and conditions. This is a pretty standard terms of conditions that we have all seen many times before. If you like to read these things, by all means, enjoy.

facebook retargeting disclaimer

After selecting the terms and conditions for retargeting, you will see the code that we need to install our website. If you are familiar with installing things like Google analytics or other tracking pixels, this should be easy for you. If you have a WordPress site, it’s really simple to install this as well. I’ll show you where to put it in the next step.

If you’re not familiar with WordPress, have some other website application, or if you have a basic HTML type website, You can always send this code to the person that manages your website.

facebook remarketing code

If you are on WordPress, you may already know how to install the code. If you do not, I would suggest installing a plug-in called “header and footer scripts.” This plug-in will allow you to easily paste code into the header or footer on your website. This is the plug-in that I’m using below and is located under the settings tab after you install it.

facebook remarkting add to footer

After you have installed the script onto your website, continue to the next step by clicking audience tab on the Facebook pop-up window. The next screen you come to will be a name that you will use when you’re setting up your marketing campaign in Facebook. So name your custom audience something that’s recognizable like “website audience” or whatever makes sense to you.

When you’re setting up your marketing campaign in Facebook, and you want to retarget this audience, you will select the name that you choose here.

name your facebook audience

And that is it for creating your retargeting or remarketing list with Facebook. The next thing you’ll do is create your ad at the Facebook campaign manager or return to an existing ad and change your target to your new custom list.

finished setting up facebook retargeting

I hope this helps you with your internet marketing efforts. Please come back and post your results soon!

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