Stay at home jobs grow in past 2 years more than ever

I remember when I first thought of working from home it was such a foreign concept. I mean how would I sell anything? How would I meet people to offer my services? Of course I come from a sales background, so my mindset was that the only real opportunity was sales positions, but not any more.

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Now with social media, blogging, the internet, and marketing companies looking for content providers anyone can work from home, make money, and do it fairly easy.

Here’s a message that I just received from an agent of mine down in FL who never worked from home a day in her life. She’s a retired school counselor, but this is what she has to say about working from home.

VOICE MAIL FROM DEBBIE in FL (click to hear)

Of course she’s working in our call center, taking calls, and simply selling our software & lead generation system, but we have all kinds of people making money several different ways. One way is simply to use our system to create content and drive traffic. Here is one of our reps named Ryan who’s done just that.

Some may think well you must have to be a supper tech person to be able to do this and will takes months to learn. Wrong again. Here is an agent who just joined 3-4 weeks ago. He’s only started using the system for 2 weeks, and has already made $3000 in just 2 weeks! See how below

If you would info on our call center & other work from home opportunities go to


We also have opportunities where you can simply do surveys and data entry. Go to for more info on that. Feel free to send a question below if there is a particular type of job, or work from home business you are looking for.


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