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How negative reviews can be more valuable at times

When I first started 11 years ago this business it got me sideways when someone said anything negative about my business. It’s not for the reasons you may think though. It wasn’t because of ego, pride, or even business to a large degree. It wasn’t really for professional reasons at all.

You see this business is very personal to me. The tools, training, and technology I use here at TW3 are the very things that took me from being in a benevolence line looking for food to help feed my family to taking months off at a time to go all over the world on vacation. What I experience now in both my personal and professional life I want everyone to. So when a review came that I felt would discourage others from doing something most already are apprehensive about (and that’s taking a risk on themselves to start a business) I became agitated. I have to say my attitude has changed and here are several reasons why.

  1. The logic and attitude exhibited by most who’ve made comments that were negative have become a great recruiting asset to our company. What do I mean? It’s real simple. With no disrespect to anyone let’s be honest. Not everyone has the right attitude, mindset, nor capacity for growth essential for business success. Comments and reviews made by these become a recruiting asset to our business. How? For those that resonate with the logic, attitude, and mindset of these reviewers may need to really pump the breaks before engaging us. The worse thing any consultant could do is recruit a client that is not a fit for your businesses, products, activities, and culture. The greatest close you could ever make is declining wrong business.

  2. It’s a teachable opportunity. As I said in chapter 17 of my book, You Are Worth More, I have learned that sometimes your detractors can help you more than your proponents. While I covet and really appreciate the positive feedback we receive from our clients over the years, I learn a lot from our not so happy campers too. How? It gives me insight into their differing perspectives, experiences, values, and opinions from mine. It doesn’t necessarily mean I’ll change or modify anything within my business or practices, but it does help me understand how if anything does need to be changed or modified, and where, why, and how to do it if needed.

  3. It provides training material. The few bad reviews I’ve received over the past 11 years has provided so much content and areas to help other entrepreneurs. What better way to illustrate how to and not to do something then a real life example. I once heard a pastor say that everyone’s life is lived as an example to others. Only you can choose whether your life’s example will be an example of what to do or what not to do. I have several very successful clients at TW3 that we can point to as examples of how a person can truly achieve their dreams. These great men and women inspire others on a weekly basis within our business and give a road map to how others with different skillset, experiences, and temperaments from Terry’s can take the exact same system, software, and strategies and become WILDLY SUCCESSFUL. And then there are others we can protect the name but reveal the activities and attitudes to point to on how NOT TO DO BUSINESS. So even in the negative reviews there is value to be harvested by those wanting to achieve, learn, and grow to new levels in their personal and professional lives.

A great example of what I am talking about is the below review I just received from a non-member. This is a person who is not a member nor a client of any of our coaches here at TW3. However his review and comments serve as a great training tool. Now I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with this person, his attitude, or his argument. All I am saying is it was of great value in that it gave me an opportunity to train, illustrate, and draw distinctions from in order to train others.

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