Episode 443 – Steps to Grow Income

Welcome to episode 443, tonight I’m training on Steps to Grow Income, but this is also our annual Thanksgiving Special and you are in for a treat. Tonight you are going to hear from people from all over the world offering their thanks and gratitude. What’s amazing is when I hear from those offering gratitude in the face of adversity but that’s exactly what I received when offering the opportunity for members to call in with what they’re thankful for. You know every time I produce content advocating and encouraging people to be thankful and have a positive attitude I will inevitably receive emails, messages, and post from non-members stating how, “I don’t understand,” or “it’s easy for me to say,” or some other cynical comment. While I could rebut this by simply telling the person to read my backstory, tonight I want to go ahead and preemptively offer some amazing stories of others who are facing incredible challenges that are looking right past the problem and intentionally offering thanks for solutions. You will also hear how some new members here at TW3 who have just started their business and have already earned over $1500 in new business in their first week of business. So no matter whether you are on the mountain top or in a valley right now, tonight you are going to hear why now is the time to intentionally adopt the mindset of gratitude and thankfulness.

To see the links referred to in the show go to terrywilson3.com/443

Show Content
0:00 – 11:29 – Show intro, give away announcements, introducing Gabbie, and specials being offered to say thank you to everyone. 
11:30 – 20:15 – What River, Gabbie, Reagan, and Terry are thankful for.
22:00 – 36:48 – Training on steps to a higher income
37:00 – 50:35 – Members share their stories of making money in week one of their business, overcoming major health issues with COVID-19, helping more clients than ever before during a crazy year, seeing more opportunity than ever before, and tons more!

It was a privilege to speak to so many of our members for the podcast about what they’re thankful. One who stood out was a new member who had just started his business and already had started seeing tremendous success. I think you’ll agree that his enthusiasm and energy is contagious. 

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