Episode 495 – 2021 in review at terrywilson3.com

Episode 495 - 2021 in review at terrywilson3.com

Welcome everyone to the final live podcast of 2021. Tonight we are reviewing all of the amazing growth and gains we’ve all had in 2021. Whether the moment brought a win or a lesson, we all had opportunities to find some value out of the past year. So we should have a great time going over some of those moments. 

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So there is no mastermind this week nor podcast next week. Take this time to enjoy and make memories with your friends and family. Also ticket support will be closed from this Wed Dec 22 – till next Monday Dec 27. So just be aware of our holiday support schedule. All new business written during that period will be processed as normal within 48 – 72 hours of enrollment. 

Remember if you have any question you can always text us at 864-507-9696. If you are on live with us tonight then feel free to send it in through the chat and one of our members would be happy to help. 

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