Affordable health plans for only $49


Health insurance is changing and changing fast. What you once thought was the status quo is not the case anymore. There are 2 options really when you break down. There are ACA compliant plans, and non-compliant plans. For many the ACA plan is the way to go, but for others non-ACA plans are the way to go.


If you have heard advertisements about or other advertisements like this, then you are hearing about non-compliant plans. These are plans that don’t cover the essential benefits mandated by the ACA law, however it might be a fit for some. What these plans cover are critical illness, and medical expenses from accidents. 2/3 of all medical cost come from either a critical illness (cancer, heart attack, stroke), or from an accident (ER, Urgent care, car accident, etc).

You can not receive a subsidy, or tax credit for this plan however it doesn’t require you to report any financial earning to apply. These plans also offer cash benefits to help you cover the cost of out pocket expenses such as travel, lodging, lost of work, etc. To enroll into this plan simply click the enroll button below.