Are you reaching your full potential in your career?

I guess it’s no secret I love entrepreneurialism. It’s the great equalizer. When you are in business for yourself it doesn’t matter what your background is. My income and career advancement is not contingent upon:

  1. Office & Management Politics
  2. A degree or education
  3. My race, religion, or gender
  4. The political winds or government budgets

Yes I love entrepreneurialism because it plays no favorites, has no hidden agenda, nor treats anyone different. If you have a passion and you are willing to pursue it, then you are in control of the paycheck.

Examples you ask?

Last month in closing out the month of December and the year of 2017 some of my top reps made over $50k in just one month. My personal income in new business was a little over that. How’d we do it?

  • It wasn’t because they found a new government grant.
  • It wasn’t because they found favor with someone in upper management.
  • It sure wasn’t because of some special degree, education, or academic pedigree.


I along with several other highly motivated online entrepreneurs we able to achieve this through offering value to people who need, want, and can afford what we offer. You can do the same!



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