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If you listen to some online marketers they will tell you that email marketing is dead. NOT SO! Email marketing done the same way as 5 years ago is dead, but email marketing done right is the entrepreneurs most trusted, and reliable tool to effectively, and affordably get their message out.

When you start building your email marketing system you need to first consider a few things.

  1. Who are you going to use to manage your list and campaigns?
  2. How are you going to build your list?
  3. What are you going to use to attract your target audience?
  4. How are you going to follow up with your list?
  5. Where do you find targeted email lists to market to?

What I have used for years has been mail chimp. As a matter fact I still use them in a couple of my businesses, but more and more I have started using CK marketing to answer many of the above questions I pose when starting a email marketing system.followupSM


  1. I use CK Marketing because it is the most affordable, intuitive, and programmable system I’ve used to date. Far more programmable then say constant contact, and much more online marketing friendly then mail chimp. CK offers me the user friendliness of mail chimp, but has way better opt in options then mail chimp. You will definitely want to check them out.
  2. There are several ways to build a list. Some of my clients will simply buy a target list from our system when they are a member of Our vendors offer a targeted, opted in list allows marketers the ability to speed up the process for getting a list built. The only problem with purchased list is they are sometimes fraught with bounce backs if over sold, and depending on the filters can be pricey at times.
  3. I like offering training content. I find people are generally online because they want information. If you have information that is of value to a specific market or industry then using it attract opt ins are pretty easy to do. CK Marketing offers great capture page templates to build opt in list.
  4. I am a huge believer in the cliche’, “the fortunes are in the follow up”. That is why I spent countless hours, and dollars to develop a training on exactly that. It’s a small guide that I wrote entitled, The Art of the Follow Up. Anyone who is doing email marketing will appreciate this small guide as I outline step by step how, when, and with who you should follow up with in your email marketing.
  5. I personally find my list on social media. The beautiful thing about social media is everyone is on there, and they have freely given the companies like facebook permission to see their shopping patterns, their search interest, and the rights to market to them. Once you learn how to effectively target your perfect client on social media you will exponentially grow your list, and your income. See my training on social media marketing in my store for more training on how to effectively target your client.


I’ve heard some marketers say the loot is in the list, and that’s the truth. If you are not building your list, you are not building your business. You have to build a list of people who have decided to stick around with you to see what you are about. Learning to grow, cultivate, and monetize that list will be the keys to your long term success.

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