Encouragement just isn’t a good thought, but good business.

Many times when you talk about a word such as encouragement it can become relegated in your mind to just some positive thinking idea, or religious tenant. However, the reason this word and idea needs to be considered in a significant way is because of the impact it will have on your business. Being encouraged and being an encouragement is all great thoughts and aspirations, but it’s also a practical, tangible asset to your business and over all well being.

Here are 3 reasons you should feel encouraged today.

1. Supply & Demand – Yes this is a law of economics that helps explain how value is assessed for trade within an economy. However this also is a law that illustrates your value. There’s only 1 you. Your experiences, perspective, personality, and passion working in concert together has created a unique recipe called YOU. This means there are unique problems that you are the solution for. So no longer avoid problems, look for them. One of them just might be the one ready to pay you a premium to solve the issue.

2. Time in History – Never before has a person like myself and you been able to connect to millions of people around the world. There is no problem, no riddle, no challenge that the answer can not be instantly researched by the stroke of a keyboard, or even the call to a device (hey Siri, or Alexa.) You and I have both the ability to connect with millions of others and gather information for both our benefit and theirs. This is an incredibly exciting time to be alive. Everyday we wake up is a reason in itself to be encouraged.

3. Friends, Family, and Foes – No matter who has been, is currently, or will be in your life they’ve given you the opportunity to become a better version of you. The ones who’ve supported and encouraged you have given you the emotional energy needed to reach for more, and the ones who’ve been a hindrance has given you the ability to become stronger. If you think about it, every relationship affords you the opportunity to grow and thrive.

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