Episode 355 – Money From Meaning Will Stick Around #tw3podcast355

Episode 355 - Money From Meaning Will Stick Around #tw3podcast355


Amy Wrzesniewski, Ph.D., a Yale professor and researcher, discovered that people have one of three visions of their work:

  1. People with a job see work as a chore and the paycheck as their reward. They work because they have to.
  2. People with a career like the concept of advancing and succeeding.
  3. People with a calling find their work fulfilling and think it feels meaningful, leverages their strengths and contributes to the greater good.

Unsurprisingly, people with a calling orientation not only find their work more rewarding, but work harder and longer because of it. And as a result, these are the people who are generally more likely to get ahead. But those who don’t have a calling mindset needn’t despair.

8 Tips on How to Turn Your Passion into a Business

  1. Find the fault lines in your current industry that you can leverage your strengths with
  2. Become an Expert in your field of interest
  3. Stop Listening to Everyone with an Opinion
  4. Don’t be a Slave to your Degree, Major, or Past Credentials
  5. Leave when you outgrow your area
  6. Volunteer, Sit on Boards, and/or surround yourself with those who are where you want to be
  7. Make sure your immediate family buys into the dream
  8. Reach out to the area you are wanting to serve

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6 thoughts on “Episode 355 – Money From Meaning Will Stick Around #tw3podcast355

  1. Cedric Knight

    This was great information..thank you. it up.Leaders… We live life in the realm of ideal and reality, we live in this tension of ideal and reality. The key point of a leader is to manage the expectation of the people below you. It will save a lot of time, effort and stress…you have to judge the people in your life and relationships, remove those who are not conducive to your productivity…. We live life on levels but arrive in stages; and as you move through life you must change relationships. Because everyone in your life is not moving in the same direction and time as your moving from one level to another….Time to clean house!

    1. terrywilson3 Post author

      Thank you for your thoughts and feedback. Please share on your social media channels and don’t forget to give us a positive review in iTunes. We’re going to announce the winner of the $300 in free food this coming Monday night for those shared the podcast. ?

  2. Kamayah Israel

    This is why I tell people to get money as an issue out of your way as soon as possible so that your creativity can soar!

    As Terry said, money will come if you serve a purpose and bring value.

    I love data and finding ways to share information with people which will change their lives. We can be producers in our lives coming out of the box of having just a job. If you’re over 50 years old like I am, you’re more than likely sick and tired of just working a job anyway because most are just entry-level jobs. Sheesh!

    Blogging alone is therapeutic!

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