Meeting People Where They Are At

For most of my professional life I’ve made the mistake of trying to move people to where I’m at rather than finding a way to meet them where they are at. Yes, I know this sounds overly simplistic but stop and think about it for just a moment. How many times have you tried to convince someone to buy something or see something a certain way that they just weren’t ready for. Have you ever felt like a gourmet chef trying to prepare dinner for a group with only an appetite for hotdogs?

I say learn to make the best gourmet hotdogs they’ve ever eaten and then let them taste the difference rather than you trying to explain it for them to “hear” the difference. Today I was able to help several people in just that manner.

Case 1. Single mom who really needs to be home with her kids but can’t afford our packages right now. I naturally could help her with an hourly job away from home but she needed something she could do from home to be with her kids. With not a lot of money to invest what could she do? Well I gave her several choices that were incredibly affordable to get into that would get her up in running pretty quick.

a. Craft Assembly Work From Home – This is where she can have material shipped to her to put together and assembled for others. She’s not going to get rich doing this as it only pays so much and there is only so many hours in a day. However it’s something that is very easy to do and really affordable to get started.

b. Freight Brokering – This offer was a little more because it requires training, testing, and credentialing to be able to be compliant with local, state, and federal law. However this was a great opportunity for her to consider in order to get some positive cashflow coming in.

c. Work From Home Moms – Is a company that specializes in helping stay at home moms earn money. They are very affordable and easy to get onboard with.


Case 2. Out of work driver whose trucking company just shut down. He really wants to stay off the road if at all possible. He didn’t mind going into an office or physical location so I was able to help him find an hourly job at his local warehousing company to work in the shipping and loading room. CLICK HERE to see what is available in your area.


Case 3. Insurance agent in Asheville NC who is tired of buying terrible leads and is really looking for a way to improve his insurance business and earn more. He was a natural fit for our business so we showed him our Plus Package at TW3. He saw the value immediately but needed help getting it financed. We was able to get him into our Plus Package for only $59 per mo by going to One the money was in his account he simply went to and purchased the system.


Case 4. Hungry entrepreneur with no more or credit who wanted our Sales Rep & Trainer Package to start his home based business. We were able to get him financed at so he could start his home business today! I also showed him how he could start doing surveys today to start earning immediately cash by filling out surveys online. CLICK HERE to see how that worked.


I love being in a position so that no matter where a person is at I can help them and still get paid. THAT IS THE POWER of TW3. Someone asked me today what is it that I’m really selling and I told them that was easy. I sell freedom. Freedom to do what you want or freedom to do what you may feel you have to do, but either way it’s freedom to choose. And thus far I found FREEDOM is the easiest thing you’ll ever sell. When you can meet people where they are at, and you are free to do as you please as well, it is a wonderful place to be in and a wonderful place to invite people to.

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4 thoughts on “Meeting People Where They Are At

    1. terrywilson3 Post author

      Hi Cecilia – You can see information on my site right on my home page at that will show your various ways we can help you earn, experience, and enjoy more in your personal and professional life!

  1. Karen

    It’s difficult to take people seriously when they don’t use good grammar. Never end a sentence with a preposition. “Meet them where they are.” That’s all, no “at”. Just as you should proofread your resume, proof your articles.

    1. terrywilson3 Post author

      Hi Karen –

      Thanks for your feedback. I do understand that some personality types such as high functioning sensory perceivers can become distracted with the idiosyncrasies of various nuances like grammar, or in this case arbitrary grammatical rules that are a bit archaic in this instance. According to both Oxford and Meriam the use of a preposition in this case is acceptable however considered “not formal.”

      Even though I’ve been able to scratch out a little bit of a living online here for a few minutes, there’s always room for improvement. However I would encourage you to go to a library if you are looking for English lessons because that’s not my strong suit. If you are wanting to learn how to earn and enjoy more in your professional life then we might be able to help? I personally would take my income over the average English teacher, professor, or librarian any day of the week! However you may value grammar over your income? To each their own… 🙂

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