How much would you pay for a lead? VA wants $8k per mo for 15-75 leads

The TW3 value of providing unlimited leads is incredible!

This past week I was contacted by a virtual assistance firm out out of London England. They were soliciting me for lead generation they provide. So out of curiosity I asked, how much?

Pay $8k per mo for 15-75 leads

They guranteed me a minimum of 15- 75 per mo of leads for a package that cost up to $8k per mo. There’s only one thing that stopped me from jumping on the deal. I generate more than that in a day for system that only cost as little as $29 per. 

So this is just a reminder to me of the value we offer and our clients have here at TW3. In all honesty the price they offered was right on par with what other top tier firms charge to generate quality leads and have them booked for you. 

If I didn’t already have the tools and know how, then it may have been well worth the investment. The question I have for most of my small business owners is this. What’s it worth to you to take a little time, learn a system, develop a strategy, and get the software you need? Is not worth $80k+ a year to take an hour or so a day and learn to earn on your terms?

At TW3 you have everything you need from the marketing tools, the lead nurturing, to the closing incentives to be successful. We have the entire suite of business tools you need in one easy to use package.

The automation and Ai components in our system make your input efforts 10x on the output you’re able to achieve. There is no time like right now to invest, learn, and leverage these new opportunities. 

Reach out today and start your journey to earn, enjoy, and experience more!

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